Holiday Edition: Painting legends w/ Steven Walden & Erik’s back.

Happy Holidays you guys and gals.  This weeks episode features Steven Walden and his amazing artwork.  How you to can pick up a new talent that you might not know you have. 

Erik calls in from beautiful New England to boast about the Pats and remind us all to be good this holiday season.


Jacob Miller- Natty Christmas

Zapp- Do Wa Ditty

Pokey Lafarge- Midwestern time

John Denver- Country Boy

Tom T. Hall- L.A. Blues




#156 Baseball History w/ Dave Pomeroy & Changing hobbies w/ @noComedicValue

#156 Lawrence Taylor episode.

-We go into depth this week on Lawrence Taylor's career and past life hurdles 

-Dave Pomeroy talks some MLB history and his quest to finish his documentary on the Kansas City Athletics help/contact 

- Comedian Patrick Mahon and host of the No Comedic Value podcast @nocomedicvalue1 is almost a year into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he's loving the results.  The benefits of physical fitness and overcoming challenges. 



James Brown- The Boss

Roger Miller- KC Star

Merle Travis- Nine Pound Hammer

Conductor- Jefferson City

Tom T. Hall- It Sure Can Get Cold In Des Moines 


#155 @JoeBartnick NYC Erik & Charles Victory Faust

#155 Junior Seau Episode

@PuckOffPodcast Hockey host @JoeBartnick stops off this week to recap the first 1/3 of the NHL season

- Yankees being Yankees 

- Erik fills us in on all things East Coast

- Who was Floyd Speer and Charles "Victory" Faust? When MLB players who died fifty and eighty years ago cross your path.

- A look at The Glory of Their Times by Lawrence Ritter.  The baseball history book that no doubt influenced Ken Burns. 



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#154 Stopping the Huskers bleeding w/ @TheMunson

Todd Munson @TheMunson  Talks Nebraska dynasty and what it was like back in the good 'ol days and what it'll take to get back.  It's been ten years since Mike Gundy's "I'm a Man I'm 40" rant.. yes time flys.  Also Davey Wester lands in Washington and updates on Pac 10 football. @DaveyWester1

Thanks for the reviews and for listening




#153 New York Erik & Drone Racing

-Erik call's in from NYC/SNL to talk about meeting the World Champion Astros

- Why Kathy Griffin is Blacklisted from Hollywood

- RIP Darryl Dawkins aka Dr. Dunkenstein 

- WSU headcoach Mike Leach gives incredible marriage advice

- All you need to know about drones w/ Austin Evan Wright @AdroneAlineRacing



Vegas the right way w/ @BrandtTobler

What would you do with pockets holding 100,000 dollars and you're supposed to bet it on Duke football? @BrandTobler  survived 12 years of betting with the big boys in Sin City and tells us all about it this week on Sportsaholix

Pick up a copy of Brandt's book FREE ROLL 


@JonSchieszer - Show at the District Theater Thursday Nov 16th 7pm Gilroy,CA 


#151 World Series w/ Mark Cassidy and New Hockey fan w/ Davey Wester

-World Series fever

- Mark Cassidy 

-Davey Wester

-New Hockey Fan



#150 Erik Writing On S N L / @DaveyWester1 on Twins/Mariners fandom

We're finally back and happy to have Twins/Mariners/NHL/Gophers/ Not Washington State fan Davey Wester. 




#149 North American Tour & Baseball Fever


- Traveling across the good 'ol USA

- Minor League baseball in Midland, Texas

- Exploring Chavez Revine in Los Angeles 

- MMA odds with Gabe Killian @GabeKillanMMA (50:30)

- Devils crossroads in Mississippi (70:00)

- May the best team win. 


#148 KC Royals locker room 84′-95′ w/ Joe Caronia

Sportsaholix is back as Erik and Jon have been everywhere around America this past month.  This weeks episode goes behind the scenes in the Kansas City Royals locker room with Joe Caronia who worked for the team for a decade.  Great baseball stories and how to handle yourself in a locker room.