#145 Michael Jordan/Pedro Martinez w/Dan Madonia

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Quarter 1

-Ramones "California Sun" -Michael and Pedro(2:00) -Curse of Francona(8:00)

Quarter 2

-Ini Kamoze "Hot Steppa" -The Car Accident(14:00)-Boston's #1 Pick(19:00)-OKC Blew It(24:00)

Halftime -Cherub "Doses & Mimosas"

Quarter 3

- DAN MADONIA "Mominatrix"(31:30)- Dropping Comedy Albums w/Dan Madonia (34:00)- Being An Islanders/Knicks Fan(41:00)- Breaking My Leg(43:30)- NBA Players Kids Kids(55:30)- Dan Madonia "1970 Cougar"(58:00) Phish-"Free"

Quarter 4 

-The Boston Comeback(61:00) -SUPER SOCCER SEGEMENT w DAVE NELSON (67:00)- ESPN Pushing Soccer(88:00)- Manu Chao "Machine Gun"(96:00)- COMEDY TOUR INFO Demon Queen "Bad Route"(104:00)


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#144 Sports Polygamy

Henry "Hank" "Pork Chop" Aaron/ Jim Brown #144 Episode. 

www.JonIsHere.com  (PACIFIC NW TOUR JUNE 12-17)

-Adam Jones is the man and donates 20k to NLBM.com

-Hollywood Hills on ecstasy 

-Finding Jim Brown's dog. 

-Meeting Suge Knight and loving Vin Scully

- Jon reveals he turned his back on the Royals 

-Becoming a Dodgers fan 




#143 Surviving Indoor Football & Crazy Crowds.

Sportsahoix In America: Kansas City 

- Crazy KC crowds

- Arthur Bryants BBQ

- What NOT to do during a stand up show

- Indoor Football with KC Phantoms head coach Chris Coffin.

- Taking in Major League Baseball







#142 Bob Kendrick & Baseball History

This week we're thrilled to have Bob Kendrick the President/anything that needs to be done of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.  He dives deep into American's favorite pastime with stories only Bob could tell.  Just when you thought you'd heard it all you'll find another historical gem straight from Mr.Kendrick's mouth. Please visit NLBM.com to pick up your own piece of Baseball history. 






#141 Jon & Erik get ready for KC Stanfords Shows


Kansas City!! Jon & Erik are both performing at Stanfords Comedy Club all Weekend in KC. Thurs 8pm  Friday,Saturday 7:45 & 9:45 (At the Legends)

-Dirk the big German

- Visiting Safeco Field & Ebbets Flannels

-First Baseball of the season 

- No wins no problem

-Celtic troubles

-How to get kicked off a flight out of Rio

(Sportsaholix Sunday tailgate at Kauffman Stadium 10am-1pm)



#140 Going Back To Kansas City

@Sportsaholix @JonSchieszer 

-Shawn Kemp and cool people from Seattle

- 8 seeds pulling it off

- Jon & Erik are at Stanfords Comedy Club  in Kansas City April 27-29 

- Merle Haggard "Kansas City"

- Eli Manning should get suspended

- Did Yordano Ventura really sign the bathroom in Scottsdale? 

- Nate Dogg "Boyz N The Hood" 

- How to fly Spirit airlines 

- What to do while traveling

- Toddie Tee "Batterram" 

- Celtics might be done




#139 Vacations/Hollywood & Baseball

-Still bitter about cold shoulder Royals fans

-Dodgers VS Angeles 

-Masters made Golf good again & watching an ENTIRE golf career

- Phillip Rivers is overrated right?

-What to do and not to do when visting L.A. 

-Do not take the cd on the street! ITS NOT FREE

-Places you lay your head. 








#138 Wrestling the champ w/ Tim Gaither

Tim Gaither TimGaitherComedy.com  not only is a hilarious comedian but also a state Champion wrestler.  He comes on this week to talk about the sport that helped shape his life and trying to just be as good as his older brother on the mat. 

Quarter 1- No more UCONN, AL & Mark Davis, Lakers Game of Throwns, Dodgers RedSox love affair, Damn you Roy Williams, listen to Jon on No Comedic Value w/ Patrick Mahon 

Quarter 2- NY Giants trump Patriots?, Cowboys success, Bengals are Browns leftovers

Quarter 3 - Tim Gaither (42:00)

Quarter 4 - Eriks neighborhood 'Nam vet, quitting freshman football, 





#137 Why your brackets sucked.

Jon survies the road,  Erik talks....Tom Brady.. RIP Chuck Berry and Craig Glazer comes on to discuss KU hoops, how good they were and more. 

@Sportsaholix #Sportsaholix 

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#135 The Big Hurt , 90’s mosh pits,Eating passports and Jose Lima



Quarter 1. 

Frank Thomas, Christian Okoye, Jose Lima, Tom Brady rap song

Quarter 2.

Jameis Winston teaching kids, Eating your passport

Quarter 3

Who's Le'veon Bell?, Rather get punched in the face by Mark McGwire or Mo Vaughn?

Quarter 4

The Urge from St.Louis stories, Fighting Wolves and 100 five year olds.